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Keep Everyone in the Loop About Your Online Marketing Team

It’s amazing how much damage one, uninformed person can do. Whether it’s unnecessarily delaying important work, canceling your online marketing services, or hiring a second SEO company because they weren’t aware you had already hired one, the fallout can be serious. Why They Must Know About Your Online Marketing Team When you’re showing a new employee the ropes, […]

How to Make a Great First Impression With Your Company Website

First impressions are everything. And if you’re a business owner, you want to be sure you’re making the best impression possible on your desired customers. Most business owners already take steps to ensure this. You give your employees professional uniforms, make your storefront clean and appealing, and conduct yourself in a friendly, personable manner. However, few business owners […]

Why Does Your Business Have So Many Missed Calls?

Have we told you lately how important it is to answer your phone? We’ve noticed many of our clients have a staggering number of missed calls. It all started with Google. In doing our day-to-day marketing tasks for clients, we discovered many clients are consistently missing important calls from Google. Not only is this a pain for us—because then we […]

Phone Package Upgrade: Scam or Necessity?

Has your phone package recently been upgraded? Are you confused about why the phone package upgrade raised your bill by a few extra dollars per month? Some clients have been vocal about their confusion—which we always welcome—and have even shared their concerns about it with us. Now, we’d like to explain why we have to handle the […]

Do You Have a Plan for Handling Missed Calls?

As a small business owner, you can’t possibly answer the phone every time it rings, especially if you’re on a much-deserved vacation from work. But that’s no excuse for missing all of those incoming leads. The number of sales you close is directly proportional to the number of calls you answer, but for those times when you […]