Know Your Google

How familiar with Google are you, actually? Not just the search engine—we’re talking specifically about Google’s policies as they pertain to your business. As a business owner, if you’re not careful, ignorance or misinformation could wreak havoc on your online advertising efforts. Recently, Prospect Genius discovered two troublesome examples of what can happen when business […]

Are You Spending Too Much Time Keeping Track of Your Online Presence?

If you’re a savvy business owner with a Google Places listing and some form of an online advertising campaign, then you should be constantly aware of how your efforts are holding up in order to ensure . However, as you’re probably starting to realize, trying to keep your online advertising efforts on track is practically […]

Google Maps: Revisted

This past January, we noted that the number-one way to get your business banned from Google Places (a.k.a. Google Maps) is to “keyword-stuff” your Google Maps listing. That is, instead of correctly listing your business as “Bob’s Services” in Google Places, you list it as “Bob’s Appliance HVAC Plumbing Heating Cooling and AC Services of […]