online marketing strategies

Which of These Online Marketing Strategies Will Be Your Next Step?

“What are the best next steps for my marketing?” This is a question we hear a lot from our clients. As your small business’s online marketing campaign flourishes, it’s natural to wonder what you can do to multiply your success. Regardless of which online marketing strategy from Prospect Genius you’re currently using, there’s a way for you […]

Website ownership vital for tax resolution companies

Stop Renting! Invest in Website Ownership to Build Your Tax Resolution Brand

For tax resolution professionals looking to reach more customers online, the logical step is to sign up with a web marketer. It makes perfect sense: You get your own website, directory listings, and general online promotion. It’s everything you need to advertise your tax help services to all the right people. However, there’s something you […]

online marketing team

Keep Everyone in the Loop About Your Online Marketing Team

It’s amazing how much damage one, uninformed person can do. Whether it’s unnecessarily delaying important work, canceling your online marketing services, or hiring a second SEO company because they weren’t aware you had already hired one, the fallout can be serious. Why They Must Know About Your Online Marketing Team When you’re showing a new employee the ropes, […]

Social Media and Your Business

You’ve probably heard that social media is the newest, best way to market your business. Social media like Google+, Twitter, and Facebook can all be powerful tools for promoting your company, but the simple truth is that most businesses are going about it all wrong! Many small business owners forget about the “social” part in […]