How to Undercut Google’s Pay-to-Play Model and Advertise on a Budget

It’s genuinely depressing to think about the totality of words we’ve wasted whining about Google’s pay-to-play model. Not because we regret the time spent educating our readers, but because we wish this weren’t the reality of digital marketing in 2020. Especially during a crippling pandemic. And we know this situation is just as depressing for […]

Are You Doing Enough to Get Noticed on Facebook?

Are You Doing Enough to Get Noticed on Facebook?

Today, Facebook essentially doubles as a business directory. It provides businesses with their own pages to display contact information, details about products and services, photos, and more. In this sense, Facebook pages aren’t much different from Google My Business listings. That’s why a growing number of people aren’t even using Google for local business searches […]

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Which of These Online Marketing Strategies Will Be Your Next Step?

“What are the best next steps for my marketing?” This is a question we hear a lot from our clients. As your small business’s online marketing campaign flourishes, it’s natural to wonder what you can do to multiply your success. Regardless of which online marketing strategy from Prospect Genius you’re currently using, there’s a way for you […]

Why Do Rewarding SEO Campaigns Demand Your Patience?

Wouldn’t SEO campaigns be so much easier if you could just flip a switch and watch them go? Alas, the Internet simply doesn’t work that way. Launching an online marketing campaign takes a lot of time. To ensure extended success, Prospect Genius—and many standup companies like us—must run through an exhaustive, time-consuming process when setting up any new campaign. If […]

Social Media and Your Business

You’ve probably heard that social media is the newest, best way to market your business. Social media like Google+, Twitter, and Facebook can all be powerful tools for promoting your company, but the simple truth is that most businesses are going about it all wrong! Many small business owners forget about the “social” part in […]